Elevate your Lifestyle with Apartments in North Bangalore

A dynamic lifestyle is the essence of today’s generation. Why complicate it by residing in places that take the energy daily in commute and work? Make your mornings pleasant by hearing the birds chirp and squirrels squeak by investing in apartments in north Bangalore, the recent focal point of Bangalore. Grow in a habitat that adds peace and joy to your home and environment.

Consider investing in a 3 BHK apartment in north Bangalore with regards to the future endeavour of self and community. With apartment lifestyle trending in today’s era, make sure you never settle for less in the search for good apartments for sale in north Bangalore. Step into Capstone life for that comfort through luxury. Witness the highest stature by dwelling in our luxury apartments in north Bangalore that are available from ₹1.37 crore onwards.

Why North Bangalore a Superlative Forte to Live

North Bangalore is now the paradise for developments in Bangalore with IT corridors, ecological parks, an airport township and whatnot. The region is gaining popularity from all business vendors as it covers the periphery of northern regions.

  • The fastest developing province in Bangalore for IT, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, educational institute, real estate and so on.
  • The government has planned for an aerotropolis – an airport township in the north Bangalore region.
  • Plans for a logistics park and manufacturing units are in full swing.
  • Having the airport within its locality is a boon for residents of north Bangalore.
  • Speaking about the connectivity, north Bangalore is one of the best for residents who travel by flight as the airport is just 30 minutes drive.
  • A commute to south Bangalore is made easy with metros, BMTC bus services.

Capstone & Comfort

Experience the joy of livelihood and serendipity at Capstone Life’s apartments in North Bangalore. Exploring the lavishly designed 3 BHK in North Bangalore by Capstone Life is a must for people who wish to buy a property. The contemporary designs are imbibed so much in our apartments for a good exterior. Our team strives so hard to provide that quality of work you wish to enjoy for a lifetime. The luxurious and captivating view of the apartment is well established through interiors and amenities that are par excellence with international standards.

Get to know the amenities offered at Capstone Life.

  • Modernly structured and elegantly built 3 BHK flats in North Bangalore.
  • Well-equipped gym area for your healthy lifestyle.
  • Lush green pathways for senior citizens.
  • Cute and lively designed children’s park area.
  • Binge-watch your favourite movie in the available movie theatre.
  • Adopt the new normal, and work in a co-space room along with your neighbours.



Salient Features

  1. Infrastructure – Infrastructure is the one that captures your sight on the first view. By providing modern infrastructure for 3 BHK apartments for sale in Bangalore, we are sure to draw the buyer’s attention. As infrastructures add an elegant view to your flat, our expert team carefully curates it per the buyer’s needs.
  2. Flooring – Your comfort stay is all we assure you through our work. As you spend most of your time at home, we make sure your feet get the warm feel with our flooring. The apt materials exclusively made for flooring are chosen and incorporated according to the spaces where your flooring will stand out.
  3. Kitchen and Utility Area – The place to season your food with love is given extra care and support from us by designing it spaciously and extensively so you can accommodate your colourful cookware, crockery unit and electronic appliances in place. The most important aspect we consider for the kitchen is sunlight, and we make sure that the sun shines brightly in your kitchen.  Also, with a utility area in your 3 BHK apartment in Bangalore, we are sure to attract our buyer because the utility area is the least facility considered while designing.
  4. Bathrooms – How big you design a home, the real difference in luxury can be made when you plan and design your bathroom sophisticated and classy. At Capstone, we design your bathroom in that desired location of your room, easily accessible and comfortable to use. Also, a good water-resistant material is chosen for your bathroom flooring to prevent dampness.
  5. Doors and Windows – We enhance your 3 BHK flat by providing doors and windows in that part of your home that welcomes the morning light and evening breeze. Finding a suitable place to locate the windows is difficult, but we easily do it as we plan our apartment properly right from the start.
  6. Electrical – An elegant home is achieved by paying attention to details from the construction process. In our apartments, electrical cables are carefully handled and placed at the right spot during the installation to avoid circuit problems. Also, our luxury flats are equipped with electrical sensors to give customers a hassle-free power supply.
  7. Painting – Painting is the easy way by which we bring life and light to our specially designed homes. The best paints in the field are selected that do not wear out and are painted artistically to give your home warmth through colors and patterns.

Invest with Thought

When you decide to purchase your apartment in North Bangalore, make sure you analyse the cost of your building with certain parameters like quality, builder reputation, location value and so on.

  • A good investment should stay forever with us, so make sure you do not compromise on the quality of your flat. Good workmanship can be expected from the best builder in town.
  • Also, the location of your investment matters a lot at present and for the future, so invest in a place that is in the developmental stage with a futuristic approach like north Bangalore.




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    Frequently asked questions

    The OC certificate is highly recommended when you opt for ready-occupy apartments North Bangalore, as OC is mandatory for availing of a home loan.

    All apartments in Bangalore with 20 units or more flats are recommended to provide STP.

    Capstone life has currently only one project named Flowing Tree.

    The cost of a 3 BHK flat depends on various factors like a builder, location and much more. Our flats for sale in North Bangalore are available from ₹1.37 crore onwards.

    As per the development taking place in North Bangalore, you can choose localities like Devanahalli, Hebbal and Yelahanka for your investment.