Immerse Yourself in Serenity: Flowing Tree by Capstone Life

Choosing an idyllic location for one’s dream home is a crucial decision that greatly impacts lifestyle. The Flowing Tree project by Capstone Life offers luxurious 3 BHK apartments near Hebbal for sale, ranging from 1556-2688 sq. ft. Situated in close proximity to the picturesque Allalasandra Lake and its coveted Judicial Layout, this residential complex provides a serene environment and a perfect living experience for discerning individuals seeking elegance and refinement. 

Luxury living is epitomized by Flowing Tree by Capstone Life. With exclusive amenities and breathtaking views, in the realm of luxury living, the crux lies in the seamless fusion of sophistication and elegance-a realm that Flowing Tree by Capstone Life flawlessly embodies. This residential haven epitomizes the epitome of contemporary grandeur, accentuated by its uncompromising commitment to exclusivity, an array of high-end amenities, and awe-inspiring panoramas. So, experience the opulence and make your dream home a reality at Flowing Tree starting from ₹1.5 crores.

What Makes Capstone Life Your First Choice for Apartments Near Hebbal?

Capstone Life emerged as the unrivaled choice for those seeking apartments near Hebbal, backed by a constellation of compelling reasons. The distinguished hallmark of impeccable quality pervades every facet of their residence, featuring meticulous craftsmanship and the finest materials. Thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of contemporary living, Capstone Life’s apartments boast spacious layouts and functional floor plans that harmonize comfort with utility. The indulgence continues with an array of luxurious amenities, including fitness center, swimming pool, and landscaped gardens, catering to residents’ relaxation, recreation, and socialization needs. Captivating vistas of lakes, gardens, or cityscapes adorn many of these apartments, accentuating the living experience with scenic beauty.

Price Blueprint: Deciphering the Influential Factors for Buying Apartments Near Hebbal

Construction Quality

A meticulous evaluation of construction excellence, characterized by the utilization of premium-grade building materials, strict adherence to environmental and safety regulations, and unwavering attention to intricate details, stands as an indispensable criterion for discerning buyers.

Builder’s Reputation

The builder’s distinguished reputation assumes paramount significance, impairing substantial value to the property by ensuring utmost transparency, legal compliance, and utmost professionalism throughout the transactional process. 

Location Advantage

The inherent advantages of the property’s location represent a pivotal aspect demanding astute consideration, encompassing its propinquity to essential amenities, convenient access to robust public transportation networks, and the overall quality of the surrounding environs. 


Seamless connectivity, serving as a pivotal determinant of the property’s worth, entails effortless accessibility to extensive public transportation systems, high-speed internet connectivity, and robust communication networks, thus ensuring an integrated and well-connected lifestyle.

Our Unique Specifications for Your Seamless Shift


Our avant-garde infrastructure for 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore is artfully crafted to captivate your senses from the very first glimpse, showcasing the finest attributes of each individual. 



We spare no effort in ensuring unparalleled comfort for our esteemed residents, meticulously selecting flooring materials that create an ambiance of warmth and hospitality, enveloping you in an inviting embrace. 


Kitchen and Utility Area

The heart of culinary prowess, our kitchens are meticulously designed to cater to your every gastronomic need, harmoniously bleeding functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The utility area seamlessly complements the kitchen, enhancing the overall functionality and providing a seamless living experience. 



The epitome of opulent living is personified in the refined sophistication and elegance of our bathroom designs. We prioritize accessibility and comfort, with a careful selection of anti-skid flooring to prevent dampness and ensure longevity, elevating your bathing experience to unprecedented heights. 


Doors and Windows

By strategically situating doors and windows, we maximize the infusion of natural light and optimize ventilation in our 3BHK apartments. Each unit is thoughtfully planned to harmonize with the surrounding environment, embracing the seamless interplay of aesthetics and functionality. 



With an unwavering commitment to elegance and precision, we meticulously handle and position electrical cables, averting any potential circuit complications and ensuring utmost safety, instilling confidence in the flawless execution of our electrical systems. 



Our abodes are brought to life through the expertise of our designers, who curate a captivating symphony of high-quality paints, infusing each with its own distinct personality. Delighting the senses with a rich palette of colors and patterns, we tailor the painting selections to suit your discerning taste, ensuring a harmonious blend and sophistication and individuality.






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    Frequently asked questions

    The cost of 3BHK apartments near Hebbal can vary depending on various factors such as location, size, amenities, and the reputation of the builder. 

    Yes, there are ready to move in apartments near Hebbal available for sale.

    Consider the builder’s reputation, location, proximity, quality construction, legal documentation and clearances.

    Yes, an Occupancy Certificate is a mandatory requirement for apartments near Hebbal.