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A series of Nature walks were organised around the scenic Allalasandra Lake. The expert Naturalists shared interesting facts about Bangalore and about the ecosystem around the lake. Amidst the walk, some of the species that were spotted were the Mormon Butterfly, Migratory birds like the Spot-billed Pelican from Srilanka, Marsh harrier from Central Asia and Siberia, The Grey heron, Pelicans, and the Brahmani Kite. This was followed by a healthy breakfast made of Millet idly, vada, healthy muffins and more at the Flowing Tree office. The walk helped people to experience how living in Flowing Tree next to a lake, along with its flora and fauna would be like.

Special nature walk hosted on women's day 8-03-2020

Nature walk hosted on 23-02-2020

Nature walk hosted on 9-02-2020

As part of our mission to create buzzy communities, the Navaratri festival was celebrated together with the residents of Aspira

Here are a few photos of the same.