Inhabit the Elegant life with Apartments in Jakkur

Experience a lifestyle amidst serene nature and awe-inspiring views in North Bangalore. Jakkur, a sought-after location, offers the perfect retreat for those seeking peace and tranquility at home. The availability of luxurious 3 BHK flats for sale in Jakkur presents a golden opportunity for property hunters in the area. Investing in these flats at an early age can prove to be a wise decision, given the high demand for residential and commercial properties in the vicinity. Act swiftly to secure your chance at a relaxed and serene lifestyle by choosing these exceptional apartments for sale in Jakkur.

The Upper Hand Onboarding in Jakkur

Jakkur, an interstitial hub located between the bustling neighbourhoods of Yelahanka and Hebbal, has garnered significant attention as the preeminent location in North Bangalore. The area’s allure can be attributed to its picturesque Jakkur lake and airfield, which draw residents seeking respite from urban exigencies and opportunities to bond with loved ones. Furthermore, Jakkur’s environs are home to several eminent research centres, business schools, and IT parks, rendering it an enclave of intellectual and commercial excellence. Consequently, discerning investors seeking 3 bhk flats consider Jakkur a veritable hotspot, and the locale is witnessing a surge in real estate investment activity. 


  • The crux of seamless connectivity in Jakkur, an esteemed neighbourhood in North Bangalore, lies in its well-knit network of arterial roads, chief among them being Jakkur Main Road, Amruthahalli Main Road, and Talacauvery Road. 
  • Hebbal Railway Station and Kodigehalli Railway Station, situated in close proximity to Jakkur, provide a seamless and convenient rail travel option for commuters seeking swift transit.
  • Jakkur’s propitious location offers residents and travellers alike an expedient means of air travel, with the Kempegowda International Airport located a mere 24 km away, a mere 30-minute drive.

Future Growth

  • The area is currently witnessing robust growth in the IT and manufacturing sectors, marked by a flurry of developmental activity. 
  • In a significant move, the government of Bangalore has put forth plans to relocate the turf club from the city to the burgeoning Jakkur region.
  • Jakkur’s proximity to the airport has led to an upsurge in real estate activity, catalysing job creation across a multitude of sectors.

Superlative Benefits wih 3 BHK Flats in Jakkur from Capstone Life

Embark on the epitome of luxury and comfort with Capstone Life, located in the idyllic neighbourhood of Jakkur. Bask in the serene view of the lake, relish a refreshing morning jog with friends, and savour a stimulating conversation over a cup of coffee amidst verdant gardens in your very own apartment. If this is the lifestyle you aspire to, join the Capstone Life family and relish a lifetime of premium amenities in the company of loved ones.

Indulge in the lap of luxury with our flats for sale in Jakkur, available at varying budgets from ₹1.5 crore onwards, surrounded by open space that connects you to the beauty of nature. At Capstone Life, we provide a plethora of child-friendly amenities such as parks, an indoor activity room, and a children’s swimming pool, to ensure that your child has a memorable childhood filled with fun and frolic. So, invest in a place that allows your children to cherish the beautiful memories of their childhood spent in the company of friends and neighbours.

Prudent due diligence is essential to verify your investment in Jakkur. Thoroughly explore the following conditions before investing.

  1. Price
    When investing in a property, it is crucial to assess its potential for future growth and profitability. As a discerning investor, you must evaluate the location’s pricing, amenities offered by the developer, and the property’s potential for appreciating value.  
  2. Land History
    A crucial factor to consider when purchasing a property is the land’s legal history. As a prudent buyer, it is essential to carefully review the documents and seek legal counsel to ensure a transparent and hassle-free property transaction.
  3. Buyer – Builder agreement
    Establishing a harmonious relationship between the parties involved is crucial while investing in real estate. Signing a buyer-builder agreement helps in mitigating confusion and misunderstandings, leading to a smooth transaction.

Our Labour of Work through specifications


Capstone Life’s skilled labourers’ talents are exemplified through our exceptional infrastructure projects. Strategizing and implementing an excellent infrastructure property is the cornerstone of contemporary business, setting a benchmark for others to follow.


At Capstone Life, the flooring options are thoughtfully selected to offer a serene and tranquil environment to soothe your mind and soul, whether you are taking a stroll indoors or outdoors.

Kitchen and Utility area

Creating an exemplary kitchen space is a pivotal element in design, planning, and execution. With adequate space, and lighting you can achieve a sophisticated kitchen aesthetic with minimal expenditure and time.


A thoughtfully designed bathroom can invigorate your mornings, and at Capstone Life, our modern wet and dry spaces are curated to offer you a clean and refreshing experience.

Doors and Windows

Our team of experts takes a meticulous approach to strategically placing doors and windows, maximizing the inflow of natural light and ventilation in each 3 BHK flat. Despite the inherent challenges, we ensure optimal placement to enhance the living experience.


We place a high emphasis on elegance in our apartments and take great care in every construction detail, including the meticulous handling and placement of high quality electrical cables to prevent circuit issues. 


We prioritize the culminating processes to elevate your property to new heights. Through the careful selection of appropriate colors, we can curate a comfortable corner, showcasing our commitment to superior finishing.

Why Capstone Life is the best

Explore a futuristic lifestyle with Capstone Life, where location, quality, design, and  amenities converge to create a one-of-a-kind living experience. Invest in a Jakkur-based Capstone Life project for a comprehensive and efficient use of your time and money. Our team at Capstone Life endeavors to maximize the value of your investment by tirelessly working on designs, comfort, and luxury, all while selecting the most prominent location in the real estate industry. Additionally, our hassle-free booking process and 3D walk-in tours of the projects are highly acclaimed by investors and brokers alike. Make a prudent investment decision and invest in a Capstone Life landmark project today.






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    Frequently asked questions

    The average price of a sq. ft in jakkur ranges from 3500 to 4000 per sq. ft. With all the best of amenities we offer apartments beginning from ₹1.5crore on various budget levels.

    Capstone Life has 2 completed and 1 ongoing project in hand. Currently, Flowing Tree project is available for a ready-to-occupy flat.

    Check for the documents like OC and CC. Also, make sure that you consult with your advocate on the deed documents before finalizing the ready apartments in Bangalore.

    Yes, an occupancy certificate is required for any purchase of the apartment. If not, you are subjected to a penalty.

    An STP setup is important in every apartment not just in Jakkur but all over Bangalore.