A Trendy Choice for Aspiring Homeowners – 3 BHK flats in North Bangalore


North Bangalore is known for its calm green lush park and calm morning views. You can have this tranquil picture as your balcony, window, or terrace view. The 3 BHK apartment in North Bangalore is a trendy choice now among the buyers to reside and start a peaceful life.


Bring your family a home close to nature!

Morning walks are more trending than the morning news. Be a part of the trend. Get a 3 BHK flat for sale in Bangalore North with. The best choice for aspiring homeowners is to buy a luxurious apartment in North Bangalore.

If you are looking for an option to live amid nature in calmness, consider the following options.

  1. Forest Habitat in the vicinity- Buyers can choose apartments with forest views, green lush surrounded apartments or apartments with large areas of trees. The forest atmosphere surrounding the apartments makes the home well-ventilated. It brings in the fresh air and provides a natural view. It acts as the best amenity for residents to escape the norm in the woods.
  2. Balcony view- A view from the balcony is what youth crave. It is necessary to have a personal space looking at the horizon from the elevations of the apartments. It provides a sense of calmness and urban serenity.
  3. Park walk- Any buyers looking for options near the woods must consider visiting closer parks. The closer the parks to the apartment, the more you can go on a morning jog or evening walk. It helps clear your mind from the mundane. The parks also facilitate gym equipment that helps your fitness.
  4. Jogging tracks- Apartments with jogging trails help you take a quick jog or run amid the lush green within your apartment surroundings. Running or Jogging helps one maintain good health and reduces health care hassle. 
  5. Lawns- Buy a home with modern amenities like a lawn where you can rest amid the lush green grass. Lawns also help you relax while you chat with your loved ones and rest your worries aside.

Ready to occupy apartments in North Bangalore is waiting for you to occupy the new homes!

Bringing home comfort is overrated. Moving for comfort is the new norm. Capstone Life has completed the project of this comfort for residents to move in and experience world-class comfort and luxury. Check out our  luxury apartments in North Bangalore that provide trust and transparency. We bring you Flowing Tree.

Do not worry about your dream of living next to nature. Move into our beautifully constructed flats this year. Experience the view of GKVK forests from the top floors of our apartment in North Bangalore.


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